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This is the slickest coated running line on the market. The lack of friction is downright amazing, and the coating ensuring this slickness, is also extremely durable and require far less line cleaning than other coated running lines. The combination of a soft core and a soft coating has produced a line with an elasticity securing a wonderful lack of memory. In other words, these running lines do not coil. We can offer you coated running lines of four different diameters (0,025",0,028'', 0,032'' and 0,036'') and all of them are equipped with Zpey's fantastically small, light and soft loops that can be used for a multitude of setup combinations of running line, shooting head and poly leader.

If you are a "coated-running-line-enthusiast", look no further. If your inclinations go more in the direction of mono running lines, take a look at our acclaimed Zpeed Line system.