ZPEY  Zpey Zhooter WF - Floating

ZPEY Zpey Zhooter WF - Floating

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This is the superior WF line for the modern fly fisher. This WF line is your hot link to fish in a smart and easy manner under demanding conditions. The Zhooter WF lines in sizes #6 are developed with an advanced taper for better feeling, control and presentation; a very refined tapering which works well for both overhead and spey-casting, especially under difficult conditions. The line sizes #7 - #9 have been produced with a powerful front taper, which will create nice and strong turnovers with bigger flies, such as salmon dry-flies and tube flies for sea trout, yet perfectly balanced for tight spey casts, when needed. The line is your prolonged nerve path, allowing you to continue fishing when most other anglers would have given up