The Balancer

This blog is dedicated to anglers looking for information on what lines work best with each and every rod manufacturer. Please leave your own review in the comment section below and we will add it to the list. Let's all help one another.

Fly Rod Info LIne Used  Comments
Nam 13,3 33g 8/9 6pcs Airflo Scandi Compact 510grain Super well balanced outfit, perfect allrounder for most Irish rivers. I love this line as it has a fantastic front taper and gives you a beautifuler turnover.
Zpey 13,5 27/30g 6pcs Zpey Ztealth 30g Another well balanced scandi outfit
Nam 11,7 #7 4pcs Galeforce Equalizer Switch spey 7/8 27g One of my favourite switch rods and with this line it is a dream to cast.
Shakespeare Oracle 13ft #8/9 Rio Scandi 8/9 520g Great basic set-up that won't break the bank but still gives you the results needed
Shakespeare Oracle switch 11ft 7/8 4pcs 23g

Galeforce Equalizer Switch spey 6/7 24g I prefer the galeforce 6/7 on this rod it is a little lighter than recommended on the AFTM, but shoots and loads beautifully with great presentation. The Rio Scandi  short 360grain works very well also.   

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