Airflo Ultra Spey Shootinghead Kit
Airflo Ultra Spey Shootinghead Kit
Airflo Ultra Spey Shootinghead Kit

Airflo Ultra Spey Shootinghead Kit

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Developed by Eoin Fairgrieve, the Ultraspey Shooting Head system is the ultimate interchangeable shooting head system for Atlantic Salmon. The line system utilizes the very latest in fly line technology and includes Airflo's patented ridge running line, two heads (floating & floating/intermediate) and five attachable tips. The Ultra spey running line is not only ridged in profile, but also slightly stiffer than mainstream running lines. This allows for reduced contact friction as the line shoots through the rod rings, resulting in unparalleled line speed on the forward delivery.

The two head taper's are calculated to offer optimum power transfer as the fly line extends during the casting cycle, with the floating/intermediate offering additional depth control in cold water conditions. Regardless of which head is used, ultra spey interchangeable tips allow for complete flexibility in fly presentation by quickly changing tip density depending on the fishing situation. At the centre of the head system is Airflo's famous Power Core braid. With only 6% stretch, this braid technology allows for improved casting control and line stability in flight. The Power Core braid also enhances sensitivity as the fly swings through the pool. This allows for early hook-up detection of the take and ultimately, more chance landed fish.

Running Line & Head Colours:

  • Ridge Running Line: Sky Blue
  • Floating Head: Ivory White
  • Floating/Intermediate Head: Ivory White/Mid Grey


Tip Colours & Sink Rates:

  • Floating Tip: N/A (Mid-Grey)
  • Intermediate Tip: 1.5 IPS (Clear)
  • Sink 3 Tip: 3 IPS (Brown)
  • Sink 6 Tip: 6 IPS (Grey)
  • Sink8 Tip: 8 IPS (Black)