LTS Explosive 12.6 #7/8
LTS Explosive 12.6 #7/8

LTS Explosive 12.6 #7/8

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LTS Explosive 12.6 '# 7/8


These two bars are very much based on the x1 series, which has been a bestseller and success from the first moment until now. The changes made to the Explosive rods are therefore small, but still large enough that consumers will notice that this is something entirely new and with clear improvements both in terms of throwing properties and in terms of emotion.


The idea behind the Explosive series has been to create a rod series that is tailor-made throwing using normal and short clump lengths. That is, lacing lengths from 11 to 13.5 meters, depending on the thrower's skills and desires, which cover large parts of the two-hand market in Norway today.


The bottom line is that a rod will never be able to function satisfactorily for all lengths / types of cords and the rods must be specially designed for them to function 100% optimally. Moments here are stroke length, velocity and mass distribution on the rods.

The explosive series is characterized by how amazingly light they are to throw with, how incredibly small movements it takes to speed up the leash and not least how comfortable they are in practical use.


Humble and not so pure pride we receive extremely good feedback from customers who have tried the bar series and we now feel confident that we have certainly managed to lift the quality up from the x1 series another notch. We can guarantee you that it has not been easy.