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Zpey Minitip Zhootinghead

 Waves and surface wind that makes the water move are the ultimate conditions wherever you may go along the coast. Intermediate- and hover lines have therefore been the preferred choices of coastal anglers for many years, as these types of line cast smoothly in demanding weather, cutting through waves and surface wind in a way that provides maximum line control and contact with the fly.

 The Zpey Minitip is a newly developed 9.0 metre shooting head with a gently sinking front of just 1.8 metres (intermediate).  This new shooting head neatly combines the fantastic properties of hover and intermediate lines, allowing unparalleled fishing control without feeling heavy – as hover- and intermediate lines often tend to do. The effect is largely achieved through the short minitip front sinking only slightly in the water. In addition, the line is peerless when fishing at full speed to bring in the fly, because the small tip keeps the fly down in the water column – and because the unique Zalt line tapering sends the fly out easily across long distances.