Zpey Zkagit Light Kit

Zpey Zkagit Light Kit

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Zkagit light Zhootingheads  is a new revolutionary system which unites two worlds of the most popular zhooting heads on the market.The classic skagit system which is known for its unique casting abilities in wind and difficult conditions and its supreme ability to turn over big flies. Skagit is unfortunately not made for scandinavian conditions, where presentation of the fly and overhand casting is very important. Therefore we have mixed the skagit with a ´Scandic´ line front, which ensures the Zkagit light head a delicate front combined with one of the three types of matching Zkagit light tips it gives a fantastic presentation. Overhand casting with the heads is easy and this gives this system huge advantages in all kinds of fishing conditions. 

Zkagit light heads comes in 4 densities and mixed with the different Zkagit light tips you can combine it for all possible fishing conditions. 

 Zkagit light heads comes in 16-37 gram 

  • Floating / intermediate
  • Sink 1-3

 Also in the kit box is matched polyleaders sink rate 4,5 and 6.

That's what we do, you know: "Develop the joys of fishing.