ZPEY  Zpey Precision WF - Floating

ZPEY Zpey Precision WF - Floating

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Zpey Precision WF Line Single Hand

This distance-enabling WF line has been designed to provide precise positioning and   delicate presentation while overhead casting at any distance. The Precision has a longer and more careful taper than most WF lines. This is the perfect line to choose if your main focus is to present your fly precise on longer distance. It turns over slightly slower than its shorter headed sibling and provides loop control that will give you goose bumps. The line classes #3 - #5 have been created to present nymph, dry flies and wet flies very delicately on the surface, tricking any selective trout. The line classes #6 - #8  are  made with distinctive tapering for distance fishing using larger trout flies and minor salmon flies. The Precision line is a two - color line with a clear loading zone for easy casting.

This is the perfect match for our Dreamcatcher II rodseries.