Zpey Zpin

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A lovely, light casting cannon for river salmon and coastal jumpers. Enjoy the delights of a 10.5-foot spinner rod that is light, slim and a joy to use in rivers and outer coastal waters alike. This is a high-quality rod that is simultaneously slim, supple and fun to fish with – and which is also fast, extremely long-casting and blessed with enough spine to tame even the largest salmon.  The novelty is the split-handle design for a beautiful finish and to help anglers automatically cast properly by keeping their support hand on the unique Zpey handle at the bottom. This makes the rod an absolute pleasure to use for catching both wily river salmon and the glittering fish of the outer coastal waters. When landing a combative fish, the rod provides a deep, entertaining action – but it can tame even the biggest fish. At the same time, the distance from the reel handle is long enough to allow long casts into coastal waters, but short enough to ensure that the bottom section is never in the way by the river, where small, short, one-handed casts can be more appropriate.