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The most important parameter of a fly rod is the action. We have always received very positive feedback on our choice of actions. Our rods bend all the way down, our actions are indisputably smooth, our rod tips are relatively strong and the stroke lengths are short.

This is the way that modern fly rods should be built, to be able to handle fly lines at all lengths of line. Now it’s time for even more fly fishers to enjoy really good
fly rods. This announcement is directed at all “straight handle puritans” and all of you doubters not daring to leave the safe and traditional straight handle for Zpey’s more effective bent one.

Zpey will present double hand fly rods with straight handles.
We are still confident about the fact that the bent Zpey handle is better than the traditional straight one and our future double hand focus is definitely pointed in the bent handle direction. However, we are still humble and generous enough to stray slightly from our main road, just to supply pure happiness to fly fishers that otherwise would not be able to fish with our rods.