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Blackwater Fly Fishing

Amherst Pheasant Head

Amherst Pheasant Head

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Amherst crest and tippet feathers are hugely popular when it comes to Salmon fly tying. The uses for these flies are many and the quality is really outstanding!

The crest is widely known for its feathers that are bright, delicate yellow, and have a very fine structure used in a lot of classical salmon flies. The crest is very often used as tail and topping over the wing but some patterns use the feathers to create full wings some examples of this are Emerald Gem or Tipperty Witches.

The tippet on the other hand has a far wider use with its warm yellow or orange color and very well-defined matte black bands. These feathers are not only used in the classical salmon flies but can also be seen in a number of more modern flies; from salmon flies to dry flies and even saltwater flies.

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