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Frödin SOS - Salar Organizing System for tying material

Frödin SOS - Salar Organizing System for tying material

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Fix your mess with SOS - Search less - tie more efficiently

Keeping tying materials in an organized manner can be quite a challenge due to the endlessly large variety and numbers of materials that stack up within short periods of time. In order to combat this issue and once and for all organize tying materials nice and tidy Mikael Frödin, a popular tier and fly-fisher developed the Salar Organization System called SOS. The SOS consist of three different sizes of durable, clear plastic bags with zip-lock closures and a practical label pocket on the front. All SOS sizes consist of 5 layers that are attached to one another at the bottom. Each size has been purposefully designed to keep different tying materials and tools in order to systematically stow everything from large rooster saddles and capes to small pits and pieces like hook- and small dubbing packs.

Regardless whether at home or on your next journey the SOS will bring order into your tying material that will inevitably pay off in more efficient tying. Also practical for non-tying materials.

  • Large (40 x 30 cm): large saddles and capes, fur, flash and other synthetics, feathers
  • Medium (30 x 20 cm): smaller capes, hair, fur, dubbing/dispensers, medium size synthetics, feathers
  • Small (22 x 17 cm): tying thread, yarn, chenille, ribbing, wire, tinsel, eyes, hooks, marker, tying tools, glue, bits and pieces of all kinds

Content: 1 pcs / pack

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