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Blackwater Fly Fishing

Galeforce Equalizer ESPH "Hover"Skagit Patriot 10# 600grains 39grams 25ft/7.6m

Galeforce Equalizer ESPH "Hover"Skagit Patriot 10# 600grains 39grams 25ft/7.6m

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Gaelforce ‘Equalizer’ ESPH "Hover" Skagit Patriots have been specifically designed with practicality, perfect equalized balance, and efficiency in mind. These three key attributes built into the specific design and development of this range of shorter heavier shooting heads will ensure that the line will maintain loop shape throughout its entire length, prevent line sag, and present the fly effectively with minimum effort, often essential for good fly-fishing. Ideal for use with a wide range of heavy tips to poly leaders of various lengths and densities. Some Skagit line casting techniques are considered to be very fine-tuned. The 'Equalizer' range of Skagit Patriot lines will help you to better realize your Subsurface Skagit line casting potential sinking just beneath the surface and embracing their advantages when casting heavier tips and flies. Very good quality in the design characteristics of the Equalizer ESPH "Hover" range of Skagit Patriot lines is that they can also be cast comfortably with a traditional casting style, as well as the recognized sustained anchor casting techniques associated with them.

The authenticity of the designs for practical everyday use is guaranteed as all Gaelforce products have been specifically tested in real-world situations by experienced anglers.

Gaelforce 'Equalizer' ESPH "Hover" Skagit Heads incorporate some specialized design features including

  • Hover coating sinks just beneath the surface
  • Effective easy rod loading design,
  • Compact front and rear loops for quick changeovers
  • Suitable Shooting lines sizes:
  • Equalizer ESL Shooting Line 0.035"
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