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Blackwater Fly Fishing

Maxima Knotless Leader

Maxima Knotless Leader

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Maxima knotless leaders are made up from Chameleon butt sections and Ultragreen tip sections fused together to provide a stiff butt and a supple tip to provide smooth rollover and presentation.

As with all Maxima lines great strength smooth feel and resistant to abrasion. 



The suppleness of MAXIMA Ultragreen on the tippet section allows the fly to move naturally and appear real on the water. 

At the butt end, MAXIMA Chameleon offers the right amount of stiffness allowing the leader to roll over freely and lay out more smoothly.


3lb Tip 0.125mm Butt 0.44

4.5lb Tip 0.15mm Butt 0.51

6lb Tip 0.175mm Butt 0.53

7.5lb Tip 0.20mm Butt0.53

9lb Tip 0.23mm Butt 0.58

12lb Tip 0.25mm Butt 0.58

14lb Tip 0.28mm Butt 0.58

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