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Blackwater Fly Fishing

Monic Coastal Intermediate Ghost Tip Fly Line

Monic Coastal Intermediate Ghost Tip Fly Line

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The Monic Coastal Intermediate Ghost Tip fly line was developed specifically for fishing for sea trout and Co. Passionate sea trout anglers love above all lines that naturally have an aggressive taper to get maximum casting distances even in windy conditions, sink easily into the surface, have little stretch and are as unobtrusive as possible. And it is precisely these aspects that Monic has taken to heart.


The Coastal Ghost has an 11-meter head whose main weight is shifted in the first 15 ft. The length and optimal weight distribution kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, the 11 m lie calm and stable in the air even on days with little wind and on the other hand, the weight distribution ensures that the line has enough power to shoot even against the wind.


So that the line can be fished effectively in the best conditions on the coast, in wind and wave, a Full-Intermediate Coating was used. This means that the entire line sinks completely below the water surface at a slow-intermediate sink rate. Fishing directly below the waves is the best decision in most situations. The fly is visible to the sea trout or other predators at all times and there is always direct contact with the fly as the waves cannot cause slag - so you feel every bite!


In addition to the perfect sinking property and the great performance in the air, the Monic fly line offers another highlight, a ghost tip. The first 15 ft are not only the reason why the line shoots forward absolutely brilliant, they are also transparent. The clear belly as well as the front taper move like a ghost through the visible water and are therefore hardly noticeable to the fish.


The soul of the Coastal Intermediate Ghost line consists of the new, exclusive MoniCORE core. A brand new and already protected monofilament core that has low stretch and can be fished in both cold and warm water - how awesome is that! The MoniCORE material is also slightly stiffer than a braid and therefore lies in larger loops in the line basket, which is clearly noticeable when shooting the line - fewer knots. The nylon-free mono line is also extremely clear, and in conjunction with the transparent coating, the fly line is almost not noticed by the fish. This gives you a distinct advantage especially in clear waters and with large cautious fish.


In short: The Monic Intermediate Ghost Tip fly line is the sea trout line par excellence. It offers maximum casting distances in wind and waves, a great sink rate over the entire length, but just as well stability in casting on calm days, when you can additionally outwit the shy fish with a clear tip!






Ghost Tip fly line from Monic

Clear 15 ft tip for minimal spooking action

Full-Intermediate line for effective fishing and best bite detection

Exclusive MoniCORE core

Easy rod loading and extreme stability in the air

Smooth texture-free coating ensures little friction in the rings

Low elongation despite mono core

Color: Transparent/Blue

Sink rate: Full-Intermediate

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