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Monic Running Line

Monic Running Line

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Not low-stretch, but no-stretch, that's what sets Monic's GSP Floating Shooting Line apart.


The control when casting as well as the bite detection of this floating running line is exceptionally good. The no-stretch core of the shooting line ensures that even the smallest tugs are transferred to your fingertips when stripping or swinging and you will not miss any fish. In addition, the ultra-low diameter of the core in combination with a very high carrying capacity makes the shooting line one of the strongest on the market.


The coating of the shooting line is made of a mixture of polyethylene polymers, whose specific gravity is lighter than water and also repels water. The advantage of a line that lies lightly on the water and does not absorb it, is that it is much easier to reel in the line or to mend it. So there is optimal control all along the line, and when fishing in swing, you can always direct the fly where you want it. In the hot zone of the river.


In short, GSP Floating Shooting Line is a strong, high buoyancy shooting line with the least stretch imaginable. Perfect control, easy bite detection, and thanks to the large loop, you're also quick to change shooting heads. No-stretch, no-stress, with the GSP the bite recovery is unparalleled!


GSP Core

By using a gel-spun polyethylene core, the most advanced core material on the market, this shooting line achieves a true "no-stretch" property. In addition, the carrying capacity of the ultra-low diameter core is fabulous.


GSP Coating

The polyethylene coating of the fly lines contains no volatile chemicals that need to be added to PVC. This is not only a plus in terms of environmental friendliness, but it also improves the durability of the lines. This is because the circumferential breaks in a fly line occur when chemicals migrate out of the plastic. It changes the texture of the plastic and creates a void that later leads to a circumferential crack. Monic lines do not lose material over time and therefore do not split.





No-Stretch Runningline from Monic

Ultra-strong core with no stretch provides maximum bite detection

Durable, environmentally friendly GSP coating

Large front loop for quick change of the shooting head

Gel spun core

Highly floating for easy handling

Length: 30.5 meters



Color Diameter Strength

Yellow 0,76 mm 65 lbs (29,5 kg)

Green 0,97 mm 65 lbs (29,5 kg

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