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RaidZap Super Thin

RaidZap Super Thin

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RAIDZAP SUPER THIN  – Forget ALL about VARNISH. This is the thinnest UV resin EVER in the world. Used for a thin layer on small flies, coating wing cases, or as head cement. DRY FLIES, USE IT EVERYWHERE YOU NEED A VERY THIN LAYER. Raidzap Super Thin is our thinnest UV RESIN ever. It has a very slight water viscosity. NO SMELL, NO BAD EPOXY SMELL, NOTHING! –  A clear UV resin and quick cure time with any real UV light. Say 3 seconds! ………
Aware that this is a very Thin UV resin.! Don't hit the UV flashlight so long.!

  • Cures with any real UV light.
  • Cures hard and clear.
  • 0.5 oz. ( 15 ml. )
  • Brush included in the box.
  • Syringe needle in the box.
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