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Blackwater Fly Fishing

Rio Slickshooter

Rio Slickshooter

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Rio Slick Shooter Running Line

Slick Shooter Running Line is a super hard, ultra-smooth, oval, braided monofilament line that has proven to be a great addition to RIO’s diverse line offerings. A proven shooting line in different strengths to cover all your needs. The low frictional resistance of this line allows very long casting distances. It is recommended to stretch the Slick Shooter Running Line before the first use or after a long period of non-use.




Line Strength 25lb / 11.3kg - blue

Line Strength 35lb / 15.9kg - orange

Line Strength 44lb / 20,0kg - red

Line Strength 50lb / 22,7kg - green


Contents: 35m per spool

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