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Rock Treads

Rock Treads

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 What are rock treads?

Rock treads are an aluminium traction kit that allows you to have the greatest wading traction you have ever experienced on any boot or shoe you choose!

Our patented shape and multiple installation methods will assure you a lifelong hold of rock treads to any type of wading boot or shoe – no matter the brand or boot style, we’ve got you covered.

Aluminium is softer than the rock, so it grips with each step instead of slips!  Our aluminium cuts through the slime, but grips the rock!  Safe for rafts and kayaks, doesn’t really hurt fiberglass (although we recommend a mat in the floor of your drift boat).

All 3 of our kits come with everything you need to assure a lifelong hold of your rock treads discs to any shoe or boot- again, no matter the brand!  Pick your boot style (rubber soles, felt soles or removable soles) and your rock treads kit comes with everything you will ever need, and then some! Not to be used on boot foot waders, they will leak.

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