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Blackwater Fly Fishing

LTS Syrstad Complete Short Salmon SCSS

LTS Syrstad Complete Short Salmon SCSS

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The new SCSS - Syrstad Complete Short Salmon is the little brother of SCS - Syrstad Complete Salmon which was launched in 2018 with great success.

SCSS is a shorter variant intended for smaller rivers and narrow positions. This line can be used with a tapered tip if you want the lump as short as possible or you can also buy SCSS tips of 8 feet if you want a slightly longer line and need a little extra casting length. Tip is available in several degrees of sinkage, which makes this a very applicable concept for all types of fishing.
The lines are supplied with laser-engraved loops that make it easy to change the line and tip if desired and keep your lines in order.

SCSS is a very easy-to-cast line that will suit the vast majority of people.

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