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Geoff Anderson

Thermal3™ Overall

Thermal3™ Overall

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  • Polartec® Powerstretch® side panels 
  • Polartec® Power grid technologies
  • Warmth without the weight
  • Fast Drying
  • Zip guard
  • YKK® auto-locking pockets
  • Pill-resistant
  • Durable like no other fleece
  • Highly breathable
  • Recycled and recyclable
  • Flat elasticated seams
  • Strong pocket lining
  • Licensed Polartec® fabric
  • Designed in Denmark
  • Manufactured by danish owned factory


Designed with a tolerant fit including four-way stretchable side panels. A functional mid-layer. Thermal 3 overall is part of Polartec® recycle technologies and it pushes the boundaries of fabric science and eco-engineering. If you’re looking to increase the sustainability of your fishing clothing, this is the style to help you make it happen. 360 gram. Polartec® ThermalPro® Shearling fleece with a high pile construction.


Thermal 3 overall is super breathable and regulates core warmth thanks to the lofted fiber structure. Flat elasticated seams, incredibly soft to the touch yet extremely durable.

The side panel grid design creates open-air channels for improved breathability. Super stretchable and in combination with the Shearling you get the best performance and warmth combined with a second to none freedom of movement.

Strong YKK® zippers. Zip guard minimizes skin irritation.

Two-way center-front zipper.

4 way stretchable “open sock” keeping the overall in place and makes it easy to access waders.



Thermal 3 overall has one chest pocket providing ample storage for smaller items. YKK® Auto-locking zip pulls to keep the zip securely in place so it does not slide open. All zips are designed to resist both saltwater and the fine materials we encounter when fishing around sand and muddy places.



The high loft of the fibers traps warm air for effective insulation. Hydrophobic Polartec® fibers repel water for quicker drying times. This ensures greater warmth and comfort.

A diverse variety of knitting techniques create unique surface structures without sacrificing performance. The adapted look and feel delivers warmth and comfort. Unique finishing techniques ensure every knit construction has the right look and feel. Technical fiber compositions maintain a soft texture and air pockets for thermoregulation and breathability.

Knitted with premium recycled polyester yarns, Thermal 3 overall is cozy, resilient, and stylish.

Not all shearling is created equally. Low-quality shearling fleece can pill, fade, and negatively affect your garment’s look and performance. With authentic Polartec® Shearling, you will see and feel the difference.

Side panels in 4 way stretchable Polartec Powergrid fabric. A geometric construction to generate targeted touchpoints with a patented bi-component design.

The surface absorbs sweat vapor and transfers it to the outside for efficient evaporation.

The grid design also creates open air channels that improve breathability. Polartec® is the World’s leader in innovative and sustainable textile solutions.



This incredibly soft fleece works well under an outer shell for additional warmth. The ideal base layer for neoprene, rubber, and breathable waders. Thermal 3 overall ensures high levels of warmth and breath-ability and it is certainly going to keep you warm in the colder months or cold water

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